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Pre-Algebra - Algebra I & II - Geometry - Pre-Calculus - Chemistry

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Tutoring Plan Development



Our Teaching Strategies

At Expert we first determine our student's skills

Many students that require Tutoring have gaps in their learning which prevent them from doing well in their current coursework. Prior to our first Tutoring session, we provide them with an Assessment exam to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This helps us to Develop a Tutoring Plan that not only focuses on filling in these weakness but also addresses  their current coursework. We don’t simply help them with their homework. We follow a well-developed plan for their Success !

At Expert we Communicate with the student's teachers

To obtain the student’s Success in a course, Parents can ask  our Tutor to work with the teacher. This can be done to determine how to BEST fill in missing assignments or prepare the student for upcoming concepts. Our Tutor will also suggest how the Parent can involve the Teacher for a mutually-successful approach to helping the student. If desired, our Tutor can also meet with teacher’s during Parent-Teacher conferences to develop the BEST plan for the student’s Success !

At Expert we are Accountable to the Parent's and Students

We understand the importance of Accountability. We work for the Student and the Parents. After EACH Tutoring session our Tutor provides a detailed report  for the Parent’s review. In the report he discusses not only the concepts that were covered, but also the student’s focus during the session . We strive to keep the Parents aware of the student’s effort and the strategies we are using to keep the student on-track. Click HERE for an example of one of our Tutor’s  reports.

Our Testimonials

Here are a few comments our Highly-Qualified Tutor has received from both his students and their parents.

We are pleased to offer you a Tutor that has made such a positive impact in our student’s Educational SUCCESS !

" Bob has been tutoring my Son, who is mildly Autistic, for the last 6 years.

He is patient and has a variety of strategies to ensure the concepts are mastered.

He has given my son the confidence to grow as a math student and he has excelled Academically due to Bob's efforts. "

" I highly recommend him as a tutor for all types of students. ”

T.M. - Certified Teacher - Vail School District

“ Mr. Bob is a extremely good tutor with many likeable traits about him.

For the last five years I have worked with him on a variety of subjects.

This includes Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II with some Chemistry in the mix as well. "

" I would recommend Mr. Bob to anyone in need of a Great Tutor. ”

C.M - Algebra II - Androda HS

"My daughter's comprehension and confidence in Geometry course work were so noticeably enhanced by Bob's Tutoring that, after 2 months or so, we asked him to also Tutor her in Chemistry. I'm so glad he was able to accommodate our request.

Now her grades in and enjoyment of both subjects are substantially increased.

Bob brings a positive professional attitude and a variety of teaching skills to his tutoring work.

He is meticulous in communication with parents and students about schedule and assignments."

" I am very pleased with his tutoring of my child. ”

M.W. - Phd student and Parent

“Mr. Bob helped me prepare for the SAT, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results !

He made learning the material enjoyable and often spent extra time finding the best way to help me succeed. "

" With Mr. Bob I was able to improve a great amount in a little time. ”

R.S. - SAT Test Prep Student - BASIS Charter HS

R.S. Gained +170 points on her SAT after 14 hours of Instruction

(94th Percentile = TOP 6% in USA)

" Mr. Bob not only helps me with my homework but he has also introduced me to an online website where I can graph my Algebra II functions.

This has helped me to better understand the functions -- when I can easily see their graphs.

As a result of his excellent instruction , I have improved my Algebra II grades "

" Thanks Mr. Bob ! "

M. C. - Algebra II - Academy of Tucson HS

" After a few months of Tutoring with Bob I can confidently say that my comprehension and proficiency in Geometry and Chemistry have increased. "

" He is very responsible and dedicated to teaching the subjects in a clear way. I recommend Bob as a Tutor. "

C.W. - Geometry/Chemistry - University HS

" Mr. Bob is a GREAT Tutor !

I highly recommend him. He has been helping my mildly- Autistic daughter who is mainstreamed in a College prep High School. Math was my daughter's greatest source of stress. She built up frustration and threw more than a few tantrums at school, so we decided to get help from Mr. Bob. Ever since Mr. Bob began tutoring our daughter, her stress level has been manageable.

Mr. Bob has been a huge help for the last three years !

He and my girl get along so well too. I enjoy watching them interact. Not only is he patient, but also creative.

He seems to know many ways to address many learning styles. "

" I highly recommend Mr. Bob to anyone who needs help for their child ! "

S.C. - Parent of Algebra II Student

Click below for feedback from Professional Educator's who have worked with our Tutor


About Us

I am a retired Principal Electrical Engineer. I worked for Raytheon Missile Systems Company for 33 years.

During that period I worked with small teams of Engineers on advanced projects that served to protect our US Naval Fleet. Over the last two years at that Job, I was honored by my Engineering peers for my skills in helping them with their designs and providing them with a focused environment from which they could succeed.

This honor provided me with not only an educational stipend but also a signed plaque by the CEO of Raytheon Tucson. I was also given the honor of my picture being displayed on the “Hall of Honored Engineers” at Raytheon.

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