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I am a retired Principal Electrical Engineer. I worked for Raytheon Missile Systems Company for 33 years.

During that period I worked with small teams of Engineers on advanced projects that served to protect our US Naval Fleet. Over the last two years at that Job, I was honored by my Engineering peers for my skills in helping them with their designs and providing them with a focused environment from which they could succeed.

This honor provided me with not only an educational stipend but also a signed plaque by the CEO of Raytheon Tucson. I was also given the honor of my picture being displayed on the “Hall of Honored Engineers” at Raytheon.

After retirement, I took College Classes to become a Certified math instructor.

While I wasn’t interested in actually teaching a full High School classroom, I did want to show proficiency in all aspects of teaching strategies so that I could become an effective 1-on-1 Tutor.

I received an Intern Teaching Certificate from the Arizona Department of Education (DOE) in 2013.

I am qualified by the AZ DOE to teach Secondary (High School) Mathematics.

I have enjoyed working for several local Tutor companies. My most recent assignment – For an Internationally-represented Tutor company here in Tucson – has been held for 4 years.

I have also worked for a local Charter High School and the Pascua Yaqui Indian Nation – as a High School Math Teacher/Tutor.

While the most recent Pascua Yaqui assignment was a very rewarding and successful assignment, the full-time position was simply more hours than what I wanted – while I try to enjoy my retirement.

Please know that I am Highly Dedicated to helping people SUCCEED !

I have helped not only numerous High School students but also many adults. Several adult students I have Tutored have successfully completed their GED as a direct result of my instruction.

My Post-Retirement Teaching Certificate is your assurance that I am dedicated to learning various strategies to help your student excel.

I offer a strong commitment to my students and will provide you with the Highest-Quality Science and Mathematics instruction.

Best Regards,

Bob Weiland